Sales Of ‘Coffee Cocktails’ continue apace in the High Street and now, it’s time for you to claim your share of the additional profits.


Remember what life was like before you had your Karisma? It was hard to offer coffee-shop quality drinks without having a trained barista (or two) on your staff, because if you let loose a beginner on your ‘traditional’ coffee machine…

Ooh. It doesn’t bear thinking about! Karisma gave the consumer everything he or she would expect in a premium cup of coffee without the need for aproned, flat-hatted ‘experts’ in the house.

But then came syrups…

Café owners tapped into the potential of syrups to grow their businesses. The opportunities of using syrups, (as well as fruit purées, sauces and frappé powders), allowed them to complement their menus by adding unlimited twists to the classic coffee, (or smoothie, or milkshake or iced tea…)

But then came syrups…

Innovative, flavoured beverages helped cafés set themselves apart from other retailers. The shrewd ones tailored their offer to reflect the passing seasons or to celebrate major events. Their reward is delivered every day in the form of increased repeat business, market differentiation and incremental sales growth.

Feeling left out? There’s no need: we’ve created a brand new syrup dispenser for Karisma.

Now, the only thing that limits the incredible coffee-based beverages you can offer your customers is your own imagination. So, to get your grey matter going! Have you ever tried one of these new fangled coffee cocktails? Think about adding vanilla; hazelnut or caramel to your espresso – and the list goes on and on and on…

The popularity of ‘coffee cocktails’ continues to grow in the High Street’s coffee houses – and now it’s your turn to get a piece of the premium-priced action, thanks to Karisma’s new syrup dispenser.

We’ve got one set up in the showroom. If you’re in the vicinity and you fancy checking it out, give us a shout.


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